Even After 13 Years, Victims in Poonch waiting for justice – Ayaz Mughal – Early Times – 11 Oct 2010

“Justice delayed is justice denied”. This famous quote proves to be adequate in case of the pathetic stories of the bereaved families of innocent people who fall prey to human right violations. But the more pathetic is that the hue and cry of the poor vanishes without being observed. No body dares to raise the voice against the injustice and if it is so in some cases, there voices are stifled. It’s quite strange that the government and self acclaimed national Human Right watchdogs do not pay any heed towards the trail of sorrows of the poor families who are running pillar to post in search of justice in a far flung district of Jammu. Whenever there is any minor HR Violation occurs in Kashmir these HR watchdogs and politicians start beating the drums and orchestrating it in the media, but for the innocent people of this border district no politicians even offers any condolence. Justice has become an antique asset now-a-days. The nightmarish incidents snatch the apple of their family’s eyes and leave them at the mercy of cruel time. But where they go and strike their heads against the wall for the sake of justice. The eyes with forlorn hope of receiving the justice become dry.
Kamlajit Singh, a human right activist and vice-president Awami Action Committee Jammu province based in District Poonch has disclosed that he has reported many Human Right Violation cases to State Human Right Commission. The bereaved families bide their times with the hope of justice but all in vain. After the lapse of significant time neither the administration approached them nor their grievance were solved.
Singh in an emotional interview with me, highlighted many human right violation cases in Poonch, giving detail of one such incident he cautioned the state and central government that don’t try to bury them beneath the carpet otherwise it would result into an emotive volcano and the responsibility shall be of the government itself.
Tears fell down from Singh’s eye when he narrated the sorrowful saga of one Bagh Hussain S/o Amirullah Khan R/o Islamabad Haveli Poonch who went to Village Salonia Tehsil Mandi to attend a marriage ceremony on 04-06-1997. Ch. Mohd Hussain, an army source went to his (Bagh Hussain) home and asked for him. Bagh’s family told Ch. Mohd Hussain that he (Bagh) had gone to attend a marriage. He then went to Salonia where he told him that Insp. Sat Pal of BSF (G) Branch Poonch who was stationed at Poonch had called him. People present in the marriage didn’t agree to allow him to go with him (Mohd Hussain). But Mohd Hussain convinced the people and family of Bagh Hussain that he would ensure his safe return. But he did not return even after two days.
Kamaljit Singh also quoted another similar case of milk seller Mohd Sharif who was a tenant of S. Sohan Singh (Girdawar) in Mohallah Sheesh Mahal Poonch. One day he went to deliver the milk from where he didn’t return.
After two days Concerned Chokidaar reported to the Police Station Poonch regarding locating two dead bodies at LoC Cheleri Post Islamabad in a very stinking condition. These dead bodies were identified as Bagh Hussain and Mohd Sharif.
But it took a lot of time in investigating the two cases. Singh told that it took more than two years to trace the Zaina Bi (W/o Mohd Sharif). She narrated the complete pathetic episode to him and gave a written application to Mr. Singh on 01-06-2009. He forwarded the case to State Human Right Commission, Jammu which was received by the HR office on 24-07-2009.
Kapur Jan, mother of Late Bagh Hussain, also handed over an application to Mr. Singh. He personally verified the cases and forwarded the same to Hon’ble Chairman SHRC through Mr. Habibullah Bhatt, member SHRC, who was camping at Poonch that time, vide his Ref. Letter no. AAC/Distt./I/C/HCP/07/67-68 dated 18-04-2007. State Human Right Commission forwarded the case to Zonal Police Head Quarter Jammu for compete enquiry as per Ref. No. SHRC/Compt./332/07 dated 25/09/2007. Police HQ Jammu though enquiry officers verified the case and sent the copy of report to State Human Right Commission as per Ref. No. CB/SHRC/P/38/3007/25954-57 dated 01-12-2008.
Kapur Jan, mother of Late Bagh Hussain is taking care of his three children as the wife of deceased remarried. Kapur Jan is too old to hold the responsibility of the children as there is no source of income for her. And she is not in the condition of attending the court dates as once she had to sell a goat and fodder for the same. And now, she has nothing left with her. Zaina Bi w/o Mohd Sharief is too old and there is no one to take care of her. A long time has elapsed awaiting the justice. And the authorities are dead and buried in administrating the justice.
Despite elimination of earning heads of the family in brutal way, no compensation has been paid to the kins of victims despite lapse of 13 long years. The family members are at the verge of starvation.
If the administration is not senseless and feels the pain of the victims must pay kind attention towards the grievance of poor.
This is one of several instances of violation of human rights in Border Distt. Poonch, which are attributed to be custodial deaths on innocents by security forces.
Mr. Kamlajit Singh, as a human right activist, seeks the intervention of the Governor of State Sh. N.N.Vohra and demands that the poor families should be given compensation as a special case. He also demands to establish a sub-office of State Human Right Commission at Poonch for Rajouri-Poonch Range and at Ramban for Doda, Bhaderwah, Kishtwar and Ramban. It will affordable for the poor and functionality of SHRC will be more quick and adequate.


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