Now helpless villagers eye ‘RTI’ for redressal – Galaxy News – 2 Dec. 2010

POONCH, 30 Nov: The disgraceful attitude of the Rural Development Department with an RTI activists there in district Poonch reveals many significant exposures. When Ayaz Mughal, an RTI applicant contacted a senior officer there in RDD Poonch to ascertain the status of his RTI application dated 17th Oct. 2010 from office of Assistance Commissioner Development Poonch, he was treated in an insane manner by the officer(s). Ayaz Mughal, a noted RTI Activist claims that the officers are deliberately adopting delaying tactics to demoralize RTI applicants and also said that his RTI application could reveal many deeds of the RDD. He said despite numberless representations to the authorities regarding the casual approach of the RDD, the villagers now adopted the course of Right to Information Act for justice. He informed that even after 17 years, Rural Development Department has failed to complete the construction of a building to be used for Health Sub Center there in village Mahra, Tehsil Surankote despite getting drawn the money. The remains of the partially constructions are visible and self speak the whole story.

Meanwhile, the Block Medical Officer (BMO) Surankote claims to have made on spot inspection of site after a representation of the villagers through Ayaz Mughal the RTI Activist. Ayaz had also submitted a complaint with JK grievance cell dated 1-03-2010 vide complaint no. 10939. In compliance to complaint, the Chief Medical Officer, Poonch, vide letter no. CMO/P/91 dated 20-04-2010 submitted the details regarding the dispensary building as per the report of BMO, Surankote who collected the information and reported that construction of the building of Sub Centre Mahra was taken up by Rural Department in the year 1993 and was constructed up to wall plate level and thereafter as per the statement of the local people. The Department of the Rural Development has not completed the said building after getting drawn the money and at present only remains of partially constructions are visible on the ground.

A CD was also prepared as proof for the same. Unfortunately Assistant Commissioner Development Poonch chooses to remain silent on over a dozen reminders from the Chief Medical Officer Poonch. The CMO Poonch said that issue was more closely related to the Rural Development Department hence the ACD was requested to furnish the details but yet the CMO has not received any communication form RDD.

The CMO Poonch, vide his letter no. CMOP/892 dated 9-7-2010 reported to the Director, Health Services, Jammu that Assistant Commissioner Development was requested many times for the submission of detail and factual report regarding the building. But no response had been conveyed to the office by the concerned authorities (ACD). The CMO Poonch vide letter no. CMOP/1769-72 dated 9-10-10 reminded the ACD Poonch to furnish the detail for the same and simultaneously vide letter no. CMOP/1773 dated 9-10-10 reported to the Director Health Services, Jammu. But the concerned department didn’t respond again.

Ayaz Mughal’s RTI application dated 17-10-2010 was marked by Deputy Commissioner Poonch. The DC Poonch, vide letter no. DDCP/health/5954-55 dated 25-10-2010 forwarded the same to the CMO Poonch and later forwarded to the Assistance Commissioner Poonch vide letter no. CMOP/1901-03 dated 26-10-10. The ACD Poonch has been even maintaining shameful silence till date and dragging its feet to respond to any question raised by Ayaz Mughal. In the RTI application Mr. Mughal has asked the concerned department about the total estimated cost of the dispensary at village Mahra of Buffliaz block, amount sanctioned and spent on the above project so far. He also asked the amount of money released so far and copy of the work done estimate. Asked the copy of tender notice invited for the same.

Ayaz Mughal told that despite several reminders and physical visits to the ACD’s office, he didn’t get any positive response. Meanwhile, the residents of village Mahra demanded an independent enquiry into the matter and also forwarded a complaint to Divisional Commissioner Jammu.

It is pertinent to mention that RTI application for above information was part of the hundred applications filed on 17-10-2010 at press club Jammu under the banner of Sangarsh RTI Movement.


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