Sangarsh organizes interactive meet on RTI – Early Times – 18 Oct. 2010

JAMMU, Oct 17: Sangarsh RTI Movement in Jammu and Kashmir today organized an interactive meet on Right to Information Act.

Theme of the meet was “J & K RTI Act: Status and Role of Society and Media”. On this occasion a number of prominent citizens including, lawyers, educationists, members of NGO’s, RTI activists, lawyers, journalists, students and others were present.

Convener of movement Balvinder Singh while elaborating the main objective of the organization said that it is meant for creating awareness among the masses about Right to Information Act. He underlined the importance of civil society and media for strengthening the RTI regime in the state.

While addressing the congregation, Senior Advocate S.S.Anand Lehar called upon the youth to take a lead in eradicating corruption with the tool of RTI, while PIL specialist and Advocate Jammu and Kashmir High Court Sheikh Shakeel described legal aspects of the act and castigated the policies that are weakening the institutions like State Accountability Commission and State Information Commission.

Another speaker I.D Soni demanded immediate appointment of SIC members. Others who spoke on the occasion included Dr. S.C.Rekhi, Dr. R.R.Khajuria, P.V.Rawal, Bharat Gandhi, Kamal Krishan Lidhoo and Sarla Kohli. Raman Sharma, RTI activist and co-founder Sangarsh threw light on the various clauses of the act.

Ayaz Mughal said that the media can play a vital role in propagating the importance of this citizen friendly law for corruption free environment in the state and bridging the gap between the rulers and the ruled. On this occasion, Sangarsh RTI activists also filed more than hundred RTI applications related to various public issues and became the first organization of the state to set up this record.

Others who were present on the occasion include, Madan Mohan, Varinder Ambardar, Ravi Razdan, R.K.Tikoo, Sandeep Sandy, Mahesh Singh Kotwal, Manmohan Singh, Rajesh Manhas, Munish Sharma and Lalit Kumar Sharma.


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